#XfinityMoms Got it Going On!!


I travelled down to Willow Grove this week to visit the new Xfinity store and learn more about the things they have that make my tech heart beat. When we walked in I was blown away. This was not the Comcast payment and customer service windows I remember.. you know with the bullet-proof glass separating you from the person helping you?

Xfinity has been working hard to improve their customer service and from what we saw, the new inviting stores (when we were there during the day, there was no wait:) to a new appointment and call-back system and troubleshooting right from your tablet, they have come a long way.

While we were there, we got to learn all about some of the awesome new products that Xfinity has. Here are some of the highlights:)

X1 kidszone 5.4

Xfinity X1

  • There is a voice remote… just think Siri for your TV!
  • Common Sense Media ratings let parents know what is appropriate for each age
  • Kids Zone is a place for kids to explore their favorite content
  • Lets you stream DVR recordings on mobile Devices – you wanna watch Tv in the bathroom, garage, when you are hiding in the closet from your kids with a bottle of wine – yes, yes and yes!
Hand holding smart phone with blank screen on white background
Hand holding smart phone with blank screen on white background

Xfinity Home

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • You can access your home on the go with the app on your mobile device…. want to watch what your animals are up to? You can peek in on them:)
  • You can control your thermostat and lights on the go… Going to be home late? Turn your lights on to make it look like you are home
  • Notifications when the door opens. Great to make sure kiddos got home from school or if you have a parent you can put this on their medicine cabinet to make sure they open the cabinet.


Xfinity Apps

  • Xfinity TV lets you stream shows from anywhere!
  • Manage your lights, home security and thermostat from anywhere in the world
  • Xfinity Connect gives you access to your Voice2Go, address book and more.

Do you want to win a Nest Thermostat (which by the way works not only with any smartphone but with Xfinity home as well:)

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