Who doesn’t like to save money? Kids Stuff Book Time!


It’s KidStuff Book time!


Who doesn’t love to save money? Do you buy these books to help support your local school?

We love our Kids Stuff book and use it daily. I have actually kept track of our savings since we got our book at last years fundraiser and we are at $847 and still a few months until they expire!  How much have you saved?

KidStuff is sold through daycares, preschools, elementary, middle and high schools. Schools earn 50% or more profit with no up-front costs or risks. Families love having the opportunity to see the books before they purchase them and realize how quickly they will save more than the $25 cost of the book!

To be sure that your school gets credit for your purchase(s), you must place the order through your school. When placing your order, please note the specific edition(s) you are purchasing and KidStuff will send the books with your school’s regular order.

Most 2017-2018 KidStuff coupons are valid for 16 months from September 1, 2017through December 31, 2018.

The KidStuff Coupon Book fundraiser is sold exclusively through schools.
The cost of the book is $25
The schools make 50% profit ($12.50 per book)

See some sample coupons below!

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We received these products to review and giveaway to our awesome readers. As always, our opinions are our own!