{ Visit Charlotte } North Carolina Barbeque 101… Plus a Visit to Queen City Q in Charlotte, NC

Queen City Q Charlotte

There are certain things you don’t joke about in North Carolina. NASCAR is one of them and Barbeque is the other. North Carolina folks are specific about their barbeque and it varies from region to region. Mostly influenced by the region in North Carolina you grew up in (or lived in) there are a couple distinct flavors and styles in North Carolina Barbeque. I was given a little lesson by Bryan, the owner of Queen City Q in Charlotte. He explained to me the way that the meat is handled (chopped vs. pulled) and some of the finer points of the seasoning and sauce. I trust his word because in just a few short months since it has been open, Queen City Q has received a lot of press and kudos on their BBQ. We were there mid-day on a Tuesday and this place was buzzing!

Chips with Blue Cheese, Bacon and Cheese Sauce

Our meal started off with some Chips. Homemade delicious chips.. smothered in Cheese Sauce and topped with bacon and blue cheese. As if there was any other way to eat them.  I may never have regular chips again after this delicious combo..

Pulled Pork Sandwich

And this was my lunch. Yum! Pulled pork sandwich topped with slaw and sweet potato fries and this crazy sauce that was out of this world. His philosiphy is to leave the pork with less seasoning and then you can add the sauce to what you are used to or in our case, we just experimented with each of the four sauces on the table. I can’t even say which one I loved the best because they were all delicious. Plus I don’t want to choose east or west… I am Switzerland! P.S. This plate is a full size plate, yes the sandwich was huge:)


Hubs decided on the brisket and he loved it… We got little man the kids platter and he gave it two thumbs up.. Plus as you can tell by the size of these, we had some to take with us, so it was really like 2 meals! I thought that the prices were reasonable for the amount of food that you received and was actually a little less expensive than a chain BBQ restaurant that we ate at earlier in the week (and this was much better).

Here were some of the pics from inside the restaurant… it has a really cool vibe to it! It was country meets city!

Queen City Q

Queen City Q

Queen City Q

Little Man was a little antsy from being trapped in the car, so we opted to sit outside. They have great outside seating and lucky for us, the train stops a few feet away (it’s the end of a commuter line) so we got to see the “choo choos” up close and personal which kept him entertained!

Queen City Q

Queen City Q

Thanks to Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority for recommending it! We loved it!



Disclaimer: I recieved my meal from the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority and paid for hubs and little man and we were not compensated for this review. All opinions are 100% mine, hubs and little man:)