Pinterest For Photographers – Gain Inspiration, Followers, and Clients

When I started doing photography, there was no digital, no facebook, no photoshop. It was word of mouth and advertising. You had no idea what any other photographer was doing and all the shots for weddings were really vanilla… Then came the digital age – now you have sites like twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to promote your work and see what everyone else is doing too. Here are some ways that Pinterest can help your photography or photography business.

1. Pin Tutorials – There are so many great photography and photoshop blogs with tutorials on how to do certain shots, post processing tips, and other pieces of information that you may find useful. You can create a “Tutorial” board and keep them together in one place for future reference

2. Pin Your Pictures – Whether you are a fine art photographer or event photographer, pin some of your best work to share with others. You never know who is out there looking, they may have a job for you or want to buy some of your prints. Warning – make sure that any image you put on the Internet – via Facebook, Pinterest, blog, etc. have a Watermark!!! I would have your watermark as your business name and a small line under it with your URL. That way people always know where to find that photographer from that awesome picture (and no one will rip you off). Remember, Pinterest is not entirely for shameless self-promotion. Just pick a couple of your favorites to pin.

HERE is an awesome tutorial from Rita at The Coffeeshop Blog on how to easily make a watermark for your photos

3. Create an Inspiration Board – These are pictures that you may want to attempt, that you love the pose, you love the lighting, the colors, that make you smile – whatever gets your creative juices flowing. You can look on it later and get inspiration for future inspiration

4. Use it to communicate with clients – I think that having a bride “pin” her favorite shots or a family “pinning” some shots they would love to have for their album can be an important tool in communicating expectations for the shoot. Many times I have had brides email me with pictures that were “must haves” for their albums. Also, you can follow the bride or mom-to-be on Pinterest and get a good feel for what they like just from their pins.

5. Communicate and Spread Awareness of Social Issues – This is great for the travel or documentary photographers. It’s one thing when someone is telling you that there is poverty in the Appalachia’s it’s another thing to actually see the pictures. I feel like photography makes the world a little smaller by bringing us images that we may otherwise not have seen. It can also be a powerful tool in bringing awareness to the struggles of people living all over the world. Have a “haunting” image, put it on Pinterest with the story behind it. It will get repinned.