Pinterest for Brides: Pinning and Planning for Your Wedding


Pinterest can be used for a lot of different things, but one thing that I have been noticing more often on the boards is for planning a wedding. Remember the days of hauling around 800 page bridal magazines, cutting things out and pasting them into an 800 pound scrapbook that you have to haul around to your mother, bridesmaids, grandmother, work friends, etc. to get their input? I do. I wish I had Pinterest back when I was planning my wedding. Here’s how Pinterest can save you time, sanity and money on that Brides magazine subscription…

1. Check out vendor sites that you like and “Pin” them. Make sure to list what they are for (DJ, band, photographer) in the description and what you like about them. Personally I would make this a seperate board – “wedding vendors” or something like that. If you are pinning a lot of them, you may want to make a board within that board for DJ, Photographer, etc.

2. Picking “Must Have” shots to give to your Photographer. As a photographer, I like to get an idea of what type of photographs the bride is looking for. Sure, I will always shoot the standard formals, ring shots, and all that good stuff, but I like to get a “MUST HAVE” list from the bride on the extra shots. As a bride, you can pin shots that you like and share them with your photographer so they make sure your expectations have been met.

3. Pinning the details – You can make boards for “bridesmaid dresses”, “bouquet ideas”, “rings”, “centerpieces”, etc. You can virtually make a board for every little detail of the wedding so you have all your choices right there in front of you.

4. Register for Gifts!!! Hate the idea of walking into some old stuffy department store or big box store and scanning the crap out of stuff you may or may not like? Make a gift registry on Pinterest. Pin things that you love at any store and add the description, notes on why you love it, and price, I would even include the direct link to the item (even though the pin takes you there). Then make a small card for the shower and wedding invitations to include. They could have a note like – “The bride and groom have placed their wishlist at” You can always register a few items at a main store as a back up for the folks who still are not internet saavy and like to physically walk in the store and buy you a gift.

5. Get Feedback without having to have a hundred phone conversations per day. Email your friends and family and let them know to look at or subscribe to your pinboards and have them comment on what they think. This is particularly helpful if your family is far away or you have bridesmaids with schedules that don’t allow meeting up.

Wow! Bet you didn’t think that all of this was possible with Pinterest? It is!


Image Source: The Paperie Daily website