Our 2016 Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia Bucket List – The Winter Edition

Lehigh Valley &


Well, it has already been 6 months since we have moved back to the Lehigh Valley. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, but well worth it. My business is booming and weekends we spend re-exploring the Valley and heading down to another one of my favorite cities, Philadelphia.

I always think of how lucky we are here in the Valley being so close to Philadelphia, NYC and everything in between. So this year, in an attempt to see everything we can (and share it with little man), I made my 2016 Lehigh Valley (and Philly) Bucket List. I will do one each season and share our experiences through the blog and social media.


Snow Tubing, Skiing and Sipping Hot Chocolate at Bear Creek Lodge

Before little man was born, we had our “babymoon” at Bear Creek and it was a gorgeous retreat. Between watching skiier head down the slopes, we enjoyed sitting by the fireplace and just taking in the view. I have been a life-long skiier in the Poconos, but something is simply magical about this ski resort. Now that little man is 7 (yes 7!) it’s time to get him started skiing. So before the winter is over, you will catch our family hitting the slopes (or in hubs case, trying to:)

DaVinci Center

I am obsessed with science and so is the little man. When we lived in Raleigh, we visited the Natural Science museum and Marbles, a kids museum frequently. We are excited to be living so close to the Davinci Center and can’t wait to visit! You may remember when I posted about his first visit there, but he was so little he couldn’t remember it. Now he will.

Observation Deck at Liberty Place (Philadelphia)

This is the coolest ever. I love getting a birds eye view of every city I visit. I remember my first trip to San Francisco and checking out the city from Coit Tower. When I found out they now opened up this observation deck, I decided that I must take little man and continue the tradition!

Allentown Art Museum

I have to admit, I have never stepped foot inside the Allentown Art Museum. Mostly because Chase was a busy child, and I had pictured that episode of Full House where Michelle and her classmates desroyed a museum… my kid is the kid who tried hard to climb in with the penguins at the zoo as a toddler, there was no way. Now that he is older and more interested in art, I think it’s a great time to introduce him to the Allentown Art Museum.

Our Pictures at Love Park

OK, so we went to LOVE park and there was a line a mile long to take a pic there, so this is as close as we got. And despite my best efforts I still can’t get it to rotate…. I have always wanted to do family pictures around the city and I would love to have Love Park as our Christmas Photo next year.


Guys, I need your help!!! Since you live here and know the area soooo well, what winter things are we missing out on! Help me add to my bucket list! P.S. We love free and cheap stuff too!