My Newest Lehigh Valley Obsession -The Habitat For Humanity Restore

Our house is a hot mess. There I said it. After living for three years maintenance free in the south, we came back to our original home here in the Valley and all the fun (insert sarcasm here) that comes with having a renter in your home for the last three years.

After we fixed all the big stuff (a/c, boiler,etc) and landscaped it’s time to get down to the renovation.

I have been salvaging and repurposing like crazy for the last few weeks but there are those things you need to buy at the home improvement store like grout, paints, stains and sundries.

When we were having breakfast at the Queen City Diner we saw an ad for the Restore and thought we would head over and check it out.

Turns out we hit the home improvement mother load.

My tips for shopping the Restore like a pro….

  1. Go on a Wednesday... they open up from being closed for a few days and they recieve donations on Tuesdays while they are closed
  2. Shop on the first day of the month…. many of last months items get marked down based on their tag color
  3. Take a tape measure and a list of measurements from your house of things you need… you aren’t saving money if you buy a door you can’t return in the wrong size;)
  4. Sign up for Rewards and Email! You will get emails and special notifications when there are special sales – I picked up a ton of stuff on their last 50% off sale!
  5. Check there first. There have been so many times I ran to the hardware store and then saw what I needed at the Restore for 50% or more off from what I paid. They also have gently used appliances. I have seen Wolf and some other high-end appliances there from time to time.
  6. Shop Often! They get donations in all of the time!!
  7. Get your paint there. It’s super cheap and great quality!!!

Learn more about the Restore {HERE}