Mothers Day Brunch Recipes … Pinterest Roundup

I love love love Pinterest. It lets me pin crafts and ideas for later and lets me plan for holiday’s like Mothers Day brunch. Since grams birthday was this past weekend and she turned 87 years young, we decided to celebrate Mothers Day and her birthday together with hubs Aunt, whose children live far away… I have been pinning some brunch ideas and thought I would share these with you!

WARNING: This will make you really hungry so don’t view on an empty stomach:)

Cheesy Egg in a Bowl Recipe from Kraft


Source: via Jen on Pinterest



 Eggs Benedict with Easy Orange Hollandaise


Source: via Jen on Pinterest


Gluten Free Baked French Toast with Berries from Whole Foods


Baked Apples with Oatmeal Brown Sugar from Oprah

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


 Bacon Egg and Toast Cups from Martha Stewart

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


Biscuit and Blue Cheese Bread Pudding from Paula Deen

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


Chocolate Hazelnut and Banana Crepe by Martha Stewart


And who can forget a nice tasty beverage to go with your Mothers Day Brunch recipes?

Tyler Florences Cranberry Apple Shandy (recipe from Oprah HERE) Recreated by Kahakai Kitchen HERE


Pineapple Mimosas from

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


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