Find your Spring Fashions on a Budget on Ebay!


I have been selling items on Ebay for a few months now. We had so many things when we moved from Allentown to Raleigh. We downsized by half to live in this apartment and I realized that we had so much “stuff”. Some of it had been crunched in my closet and packed in boxes where no one could really appreciate it, so I decided to use Ebay as my own personal yard sale. I sold some designer pieces and home furnishings that have been sitting around as well as some other things I found in the move. The result – over $1500 in sales since January 1… There are thousands and thousands of people like me that are selling their gently used pieces on ebay, so why not check there to save money on your spring wardrobe. I see a lot of beautiful clothes at amazing prices! Especially if you are a fan of Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and other store brands.


My tips for buying on Ebay

  • Read the Sellers Feedback – especially if you are buying designer merchandise to make sure there are no red flags.
  • Make sure that you read the description in full and there are no issues with the piece. Also, if you never wore that particular brand that you check out the size chart or request the buyer to send you “flat measurements” so that you can compare to another piece.
  • Shop with the same buyer and ask if they can combine shipping. You may be able to save this way!
  • Check out where you can type in your search term or brand you are looking for. They look for typos and misspellings and this may lead you to dirt cheap auctions. I found a Diane Von Furstenberg Sundress and bought it for less than $20 because of this tool:)
  • Look for “lots” where someone is getting rid of clothing in a specific size. I have seen Ann Taylor lots of 10+ clothes go for $20-$30. You know that they spent hundreds on that clothing!

So will you try it out?

Shameless Plug:  I have a few spring items up on my Ebay store, so if you want to check them out – I sell Ann Taylor, LOFT, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic plus some other brands and a whole lot of other things, too:) You can go HERE