New Year – New Changes

I have been absent the last few weeks. Turns out this move has really been a lot more difficult for me than expected. The first month and a half was just logistics and getting settled in. Then it was finding a school for little man and doctors for me and gram then BOOM… immediately into the holiday season. I used to think I was a pro at moving and even a bit of a nomad in my younger years, but the older I get, the more it took out of me – physically, emotionally and of course financially. I finally this week have felt completely settled in one spot and ready for life here to start. I can finally think about other things like blogging, my ebay and Etsy shops, and catching up with friends, which in the craziness of the move, I have neglected terribly.

So here is the plan for the new year for this blog.

  • Weekly Feature on how you can make money from home! It’s possible to do it legitimately whether you want to make a full or part time income or extra money seasonally… We’ll do interviews of real people who do it and their tips/tricks
  • More photography tutorials! My PicMonkey series has been extremely popular
  • More Saving Money Tips and Tricks!
  • Crafts / Free Printables / Giveaways!! I love giving things away:)
  • Great Deals Shared! I don’t have time to collect all the deals like the deal bloggers do, but I will highlight some great ones as they come along
  • Video Diary… I have been wanting to share things with you all but my fingers just can’t put it to words on paper or I don’t have the time to hash out a post on what I’m thinking about, so I thought a Video Diary would be a great way to do this! I am going to try to do it weekly on a Friday heading into the weekend
  • Ebay/Etsy Series – How to make money, how to find great deals and so much more!

I will be posting regularly 2-3 times per week (sometimes more) so I hope you all can join me… I won’t be getting rid of any of the archives, so feel free to browse around:)

Thanks to all of you for stopping by and reading… I appreciate you all and look forward to sharing 2013 with you all! So excited to begin this new journey!!