Watermarking, Adding Text and Shapes to your Images with Free PicMonkey Photo Editing Tool

I have published a few articles on some simple free photo editing you can do with PicMonkey and they have been really popular, so I have decided every week to feature a new tutorial on editing your photos for free!

This week, I am going to show you how to add text and shapes to your photos. It’s really simple with PicMonkey photo editing. You can use this for your personal photos or if you are a blogger, you can also use this to make your pictures more “Pinteresting” (aka more pin-friendly) or to watermark your images. For personal photos, you could even use this tutorial to make a Mothers Day Card or spice up pictures you post to your Facebook account.

First, open and edit your picture. You can check out my other PicMonkey photo editing tutorials. Once your photo is perfect, decide whether or not you want a background to your text. I like to use a background because it makes the text pop. First choose the shape you want to be behind your text. I just went with a rectangle. I stretched and drug the box to where I wanted it and chose the color. You can leave the color solid or you can adjust the fade.

Next you will chose the text icon and chose the font you would like to use. Type in your text and click on Add. Don’t like the font? Don’t worry, just click on other fonts on the left and it will adjust so you can see what another font looks like. Once you have the font you like, you can stretch the font box (using the little circles on the corners) and drag the box to where you want it.


That’s it! Super easy. Just click on save and resize as you want:) Here is an example of some other ways to watermark or add text to your photos:

Do you sell photos on Etsy or display your work where you don’t want people to be able to borrow your images, Pic Monkey has a Copyright symbol in their “Symbols” folder

Or you can add crazy mustaches and speech bubbles or a silly hat… The possibilities are endless:)