Free Online Photo Editing with Pic Monkey: How To Make a Better Sky in Your Photos

Did you ever look at a landscape picture you took and wish there was a beautiful fluffy cloudy sky in it? I have your solution! By using my favorite new online photo editing tool, PicMonkey, you can use my beautiful sky picture free download HERE to overlay on your own picture to make it look like there were beautiful fluffy clouds in the sky!

First Open Your Picture up in PicMonkey by clicking on “Edit Your Photo” on the main screen. Choose the picture you want to edit. You will complete your other edits first (like exposure, effects, etc). When you are ready to add the sky, click on textures and then choose click on “Your Own” (see below)

When you click on “Your Own” a box will pop up where you can choose the “Upload My Texture” feature.  Choose the Sky texture freebie HERE that you saved onto your computer.

When you upload the texture it will look a little something like this… don’t worry I’ll show you how to change it just to the sky portion

You will click on the “Reverse Effect” box in the editor and the texture will disappear (like below). Adjust your brush size. I use a larger brush for most of the sky area when I get closer to details like the bridge, you switch to a smaller brush so that you can be a little more detailed. Paint until the sky has been colored in with pretty clouds (hold your mouse down while dragging it to paint:) I left the brush strength at 100, but if you want less dramatic of an effect you would move the slider down to a percentage that looks best for you.

Here’s a Tip: If you need to zoom in to make sure you don’t color an area that you don’t want to have sky on it, you can choose your zoom in the bottom right hand corner. Then move the box around to the area you want to zoom in to.


After your done, click on save in the bottom left hand corner and save to your computer. That is where you can resize the picture if you want to place it on a website or Facebook.

So here is the BEFORE editing picture

And here is the AFTER Picture (ignore the writing – I forgot to save before adding the lettering) I also bumped exposure and contrast before adding the sky.

Have you tried out PicMonkey lately?

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