Edit Your Photos for Free with Pic Monkey!

UPDATE!!!!!  The Tutorials Have Started! Check out my PicMonkey and other Free Photo Editing Tutorials HERE.. There are many more to come! Stay tuned for my free photo editing tutorials:)


When Picnik closed shop there were a lot of dissapointed people (a lot of which were bloggers) because it was a great free service that had great potential for editing pictures and creating design elements in a user friendly way. There are a few other free photoediting softwares, however, they either require a download, work with complicated layers or aren’t as user friendly. Then came Pic Monkey!

I was able to watermark my images, add captions, borders, make people thinner, smooth skin, and many more features that wouldn’t be possible with another free program. There are also some popular effects like Lomo, Orton Effect, Vintage and so many more.

As a photographer, I swear by Lightroom and Photoshop, however, as a blogger and a mom, I realize that not everyone can afford the software for recreational use. Photoshop Elements is usually a little shy of $100. Lightroom is $149. That’s a lot of money to shell out for a hobby. Plus just think of the time you will spend learning the ins and outs of the software. It took me years to learn photoshop completely. PicMonkey has a lot of the same effects but in just a few clicks.



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I was able to pop the colors, lighten it up, sharpen, resize,  add an effect and watermark in a few clicks. I think a lot of you will love this especially if you don’t have the time or money for the adobe suites.

What I like about PicMonkey:

  • It’s FREE
  • User Friendly
  • There is limited masking abilities to add some effects just to certain areas
  • You can fade effects to increase or decrease intensity
  • You can Resize the picture when you save it
  • The editor is online, so you aren’t tying your hard drive up with software
  • You can soften skin, apply makeup effects, take wrinkles out and make people skinny (along with a few others)
  • You can add captions and shapes to the picture – might be good for your digital scrapbookers

What I would change about PicMonkey:

  • There is no ability to make a collage or multiple pictures
  • There isn’t a feature to upload your pics directly to online storage
  • It would be nice to batch edit a few pictures at the same time with the same effect
  • I would love a selective colore effect (where the picture is black and white and you can color certain parts of it)

UPDATE: I got this response from Brenda at Pic Monkey:

Hi!  Thanks for spreading the word about PicMonkey!  We’re just getting started (the Monkey is busy creating new features!).  I just wanted to address a couple of your “what I would change” items.  First, collages are on the way!  Second,  we’re looking at ways to hook into other online services and also to do batch processing on photos.  Third, you can do selective coloration now!  Use the Black and White tool and choose the paintbrush to paint in the areas you want to keep in color (or the opposite).  Thanks again for the Monkey love!   ~~ Brenda, PicMonkey Team

Yay! Not only are they on the ball (she contacted me within 24 hours of my post) but they are developing lots of new fun features! Love this service even more:)

I’ll be playing around with PicMonkey over the next couple weeks and doing some web tutorials on editing with this free software so you all can enjoy. You can try it out yourself at www.picmonkey.com


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