Seen in the Valley: Date night with Hubs…

Since we didn’t have little man this weekend, we decided to have a date night (on the cheap). I told him that I just wanted a really good slice of pizza. We we were already at Price Rite on South Mountain in Allentown checking out the groceries there and stopped at the new (to me) Thrift Shop accross from the shopping center. He knew just the spot and swore I would love where he was taking me and we headed to Fountain Hill.

Although I saw my beloved Mateys in the distance, we turned right and ended up at Lorenzo’s. It reminded me a lot of the pizzeria that we went on Sundays when I was growing up. The staff was friendly and just walking in there, it smelt delicious! I ended up getting a calzone instead of pizza because I can’t even tell you the last time I devoured one. When it came, I laughed because it would have been big enough to feed 3 people and I ordered the personal size. Hubs ordered Linguini with clam sauce and I had to try a little (quality control and all – lol) and it was hands down one of the best linguini with clam sauce dishes I have EVER had. The best part is our food was piping hot, like just plated and ran right out to our table – hot. I love it. So often when you go out to eat, the food is lukewarm at best and you know it sat in the back. This was fresh as fresh could be. Another bonus: the prices were extremely reasonable for the crazy amount of food we got. I took home 3/4 of the calzone and the total with tip was about $27 for the twi if us. We love supporting family owned and local restaurants when we can get a dinner out to fit in our budget and this was definately the place to go – you can’t get any more family than the pictures of their kiddos decorating the walls behind the counter.


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